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  Siltec Lactation Baby Scale
digital infant scale
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Siltec Electronic Baby Weighing Scale BS1

This infant scale and definitely the best value for the dollar!  Affordably priced for home use to establish birth weight and to check weight gain in the growth process.  The new Siltec Electronic Baby Weighing Scale BS1 offers a dual range readability providing greater readability in the 0 to 20 weighing range (weighs 0-20 lb x oz increments, then 20-44 lb x 1 oz increments.)  This dual range design is similar to how the Tanita Infants scales like the 1583 works, but the Siltec BS1 cost substantial less.  Some people might ask how can you get a similar product for less and it is simple - great efficiencies in the manufacturing process, lower marketing expenses and lower distribution cost. 

The Siltec Baby Scale is initially shipped to weigh in lb:oz weigh mode.  Simply turn the scale over and slide the switch to kg to weigh in metric if you desire.

Another huge plus the Siltec BS1 features over the competitor's models is there is NO "auto shut-off" and therefore allows for continuous use.  Auto Shut-off is designed to save battery life, but the problem occurs that sometimes if you turn ON a competitor's baby scale and then prepare to lay your baby on the tray the scale shuts off due to no activity.  Siltec eliminated this function after surveying several pediatrician since they said the auto shutoff was a nuisance.  This was especially a time consuming issue for the busy pediatrician's office when the doctor rotates from room to room consulting with new patients and each time they had to turn the scale on.  This is not an issue with the Siltec Electronic Baby Weighing Scale BS1.  In addition, Siltec designed their unit to operate on AC Adapter as well as 9 volt battery while most of the competitor's models only runs off of battery.

Operation is a breeze and is all controlled by the large push button located in the front right corner of the base.

  • One push - Turns ON the baby scale
  • When Scale is ON - One push rezero's the scale.  This is especially useful if you lay a blanket in the basket to zero out the weight of the blanket.  Then place your baby on the blanket and the scale show's the weight of your baby only.
  • When Scale is ON - Push and Hold button for 3 seconds shuts off the scale.

Compare all the other brands in infant scales we offer at deep discount prices and you'll agree the Siltec BS1 Baby Scale is a spectacular value.  Add to this the extra large 24 " x 10 " x 3 " baby tray and battery or AC operating and you just can't beat the Siltec baby scale !!

Siltec has been meeting the weighing needs of shipping departments and freight companies for over 20 years providing excellent weighing results for substantially less than other scale manufacturers.  Now Siltec expands their expertise in the infant weighing scale marketplace with a big splash with an extremely competitive priced scale.

baby scale
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  digital display

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Super large ABS plastic baby tray for easy weighing, easy removal of tray converts scale to child weighing.   For weights above 3 lbs, the HOLD function is activated automatically.  The display flashes indicates locked weight for easy reading.  Removal of baby releases lock, returns scale to zero, ready for next weighing. 
electronic baby scale
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  baby scales

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Display: 8888 8/8, 4 digits with full fraction, 11/16" digit height with lb, oz, kg, and negative weight sign.Digital calibration ensures precise weight keeping.   24 " x 10 " x 3 "
ABS plastic baby tray
net weight: 1.1 lb.
pediatric scale

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  neonatal scale
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Continuous scale operation, suitable for home and heavy-duty clinical use in doctor's offices and hospitals.   Scale: 10 " x 10 " X 1 ", net weight: 4.8 lb.  White gloss painted scale body, non-slippery plastic foot, nicely printed vinyl cover.
Siltec Electronic Baby Weighing Scale BS1   


Capacity x Readability (lb:oz)

0-20 lb x oz, 20-44 lb x 1 oz

Capacity(kg) x Readability (g)

0-10 kg x 10 g, 10-20 kg x 20 g


2 graduations

Automatic Hold Function Yes - Locks the display for weights over 3 lbs.  Typical response time is 3 seconds.
Selectable Weight Units lb:oz, kg

LCD - 4 digits with full fraction, 11/16" digit height with lb, oz, kg, and negative weight sign

Baby tray

24 " x 10 " x 3 "
ABS plastic baby tray
net weight: 1.1 lb.

Base Color

White gloss painted scale body, non-slippery plastic feet, nicely printed vinyl cover.

Scale Base

10 " x 10 " x 1 ", net weight: 4.8 lb

AC Power Source

9 volt alkaline battery (not included)
or AC Adapter INCLUDED

Power Consumption

Less than 10 ma.  9 volt alkaline battery lasts about 46.5 hours continuously, or 5,500 operations per 30 second operating time

Operating Temperature 10 C to 40 C (50 F to 104 F)
80% RH or less

1 years manufacturer's warranty

Shipping carton 13 " x 6 " x 26", gross weight: 8 lb
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